Craigwal Petroshore Limited provides integrated services to all the oil & gas industry alongside safe and reliable turnkey solutions.
Engineering Designs & Fabrication

CPL has a whole range of pumps and other equipment's for various oilfield pumping services. CPL has experienced and well trained engineers, technicians and pump operators to deliver quality and cost effective solutions.

Supply Chain Management

CPL delivers complete procurement solutions to oil field equipment including floating production and subsea production Systems. We have longstanding global alliance and rich network of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and Authorized Distributors.

Harbor Towage
Crude Oil Terminal Operation & Asset Management

CPL offers a full range of services for the operation and management of onshore and offshore terminals. Providing support for the berthing and unearthing of Oil and LNG tankers is the core activity in this segment.

Manpower Support

CPL creates the platform for the industry’s host dedicated, qualified minded personnel both ashore and offshore. Together, our personnel and equipment continually sets the pace for safety and performance records in the offshore support solution world.

Craigwalpetroshore - offshore oil and gas Crude Oil Lifting, Evacuation & Sales and Support

Craigwal Petroshore Limited operates a fleet of tank trucks that haul crude oil and other petroleum products across Nigeria.

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Marine Operation & Management

CPL provides general marine operation as well as management. These operations includes Single Point mooring(SPM) marine support, Heavy lifting vessels, Anchor Handling, Towage, Terminal Lifting operations, Rig security cover and security escort Services, among others.

Our Service Concept

Craigwal Petroshore Limited (CPL) provides to our Client’s customized Turnkey Solutions, Engineering & Re-Engineering Development Services, Troubleshooting Consulting Services and EPC Project Management. Craigwal Petroshore Limited delivers world class expertise, efficiency and value in project management, engineering and procurement management for the Oil & Gas industry.

We offer the complete spectrum of services for the Oil & Gas industry – from a simple part to procuring every piece of equipment that is to be deployed on your Facility. Craigwal Petroshore Limited not only has the experience and skills to execute the projects, but also can provide the equipment to be used on your facility in a swift and timeline manner. We have a work culture computed to the international Quality, Safety and Environmental Standards.

We offer you the highest quality of technical advice, engineering and management skills, quickly and cost effectively. Our team consists of experienced and responsive industry professionals with the know-how and flexibility to complete every project. As Craigwal Petroshore Limited continues to grow, we are dedicated to staying current and keep consistent professional training. Our team has built in proficiencies in areas that we consider key for successful execution of our solutions.

We offer our Clients the complete spectrum of services for the Oil & Gas Industry which include:

  • Procurement & Sub Contracts Management
  • Engineering Studies & Development
  • Project Management Development
  • Fabrication, Construction & Installation Management
  • Commissioning & Start-up Execution, assisted operation & handover

From our years of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry, we have developed a culture of open communication and responsive listening to each of our customer’s needs. Craigwal Petroshore Limited will analyse and provide the right design option to fit your purpose. In other words, we keep your project on target, on time and on budget. Craigwal Petroshore Limited follows all guidelines for certifications, uses strategic sourcing with vendors, offers competitive timelines, and complies with all safety & industrial standards. These company qualities set us apart and above others.